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  • Kash V

Climate Change is 'Our Greatest Threat'

I feel that the speech by David Attenborough was more of a warning speech. It was about extinction in nature and how civilisation is in our hands. It was also about a new product being launched by the United Nations called the ‘Act Now Bot’ which will remind us of our everyday actions. I found this speech really effective and feel guilty about what mankind is doing to nature. Whatever we have is because of nature which is now being destroyed by forest fires and pollution. The problem with us is that we take too much, then never give back. We’re so selfish, always caring for ourselves and our loved ones, when there are so many people out there that we forget about. This is why, one day, when we realise our mistake, it will be too late. We will not be able to help ourselves and will remember the time when we could have made a change, together. We could have planted trees, instead of cutting them down. We could have controlled population and pollution instead of increasing them. We could have saved animals and insects, instead of killing them. We could have saved natural resources (like water bodies and land), instead of polluting them. And most of all, we could have done everything right then and there, instead of postponing them.


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