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Bharata's Devotion: A Beacon of Dharma in the Ramayana

The most impactful part of the Ramayana for me is the scene where Bharata places Rama’s sandals on the throne and rules under his name for 14 years after Rama’s refusal to return to Ayodhya and become king. This scene clearly shows Bharata’s commitment to dharma, the extent of his love for Rama, and a sense of prevailing humble moral compass when faced with sinfully luring desires.

Though Bharata may be the rightful heir to the throne as per Dasharatha’s promise to Kaikeyi’s father for her hand in marriage, he knows that Rama is the rightful king. He refuses to take the throne for himself despite the fact that it is almost literally handed to him on a silver platter. Instead, he refuses to even consider the possibility of ruling Ayodhya, and immediately sets out to convince Rama to return.

Bharata’s actions in the epic show his deep love, respect and devotion for Rama, as he simply wants to serve Rama any way he can. It also shows the strength of his character since he is willing to give up a kingdom without a second thought, all for the sake of his brother. He is selfless, and does what is needed for the greater good of Ayodhya.

The scene is a constant reminder that even in the face of injustice, it is important to uphold dharma and do what is right.


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