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Gay Weddings Should be Legalised

There is nothing wrong with the idea that two people care about each other and want to live together. If someone tells you that you cannot love someone just because society does not think it is right, how would you feel? You can imagine the damage you feel when you are said to be a poor example of society. Why is being gay, or homosexual an issue? Why is liking someone of the same gender a problem? Why is it considered abnormal?

Doesn’t anyone ever wonder about any of the above? Abnormal; a term we use so easily to describe someone or something. We consider something abnormal because we are not used to certain things. If we see two people joined together by their hands by birth, we consider them abnormal. If we see someone writing with their leg or mouth, we consider them abnormal. If we even see someone using hand gestures to communicate, we consider them abnormal! All of this is because we are used to seeing things a certain way, and when that doesn’t happen, we consider it unusual, or in this context, abnormal. This happens when we already have an opinion about something, and we are introduced to something new which we cannot accept.

Like that, being gay is considered abnormal. But scientific studies prove that feelings of homosexuality can be due to certain genes that a person has, or the way that a person’s brain is developed. Not only that but even the surroundings that someone grows up in has an effect on the way that person thinks. So if we look at it from that point of view, it really isn’t even someone’s fault that they are feeling the way they are. And still, we are faulting them for something that they developed before their birth!

Not just that, but since everything we consider happens due to the way we think, let’s take a few examples. When we consider something or someone abnormal, what do we take into consideration? The fact that we have assumed that things have to happen a certain way. You see someone writing with their hands, then you think that everyone has to only write with their hands, whether or not they have them. You see people speaking and talking to communicate, then you think that everyone has to speak to communicate, whether or not they’re deaf, whether or not they can't. Why? Why can't we adjust the way we see things for the joy of others around us?

Along with that being said, there is so much violence that takes place when there is something that the society disapproves of is happening. In case of gay weddings, there is death caused, houses burnt, and many other violent acts committed. And if someone is already attracted to a person of the same gender, and they marry someone else from the opposite gender under family pressure, this relationship will lead to nothing but divorce and unhappiness. If there is a way to stop this, then why not do it? It is for the good of everyone. Rules made by the society are for keeping discipline and happiness, not using the rules themselves to create violence! If that was the case, then why have rules and regulations at all?

Something common in all of the above points mentioned is the fact that we should change our opinions. Now you all must be thinking why you should change your opinions when others can change theirs. The answer to that is simple. How does it affect you in any way if other people are getting married to people that they love? If there is a gay wedding taking place, it doesn’t affect or harm you in any way. It’s not like you are the one getting married to them! If it makes two people happy, and doesn’t affect you in any possible way, then why not let gay marriages be legalised. You’ll be able to stop so much violence and unhappiness. Not only that, but you will be expanding your thought process and expanding horizons for the future generation.

So coming back to my first question, how would you feel if you were told you were abnormal and cannot live with who you love. Ask yourself, “what is wrong with the idea of letting gay marriages be legalised if it spreads happiness to people?”


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