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Hey there, you! I’m not sure if you ended up on this page by accident, or if you really meant to (doubtful about the latter but I created this site so really, who am I to judge?), but before you decide to close this tab, I want you to think about what you’ll be giving up if you do. A delightful evening—morning? Night? Afternoon? Shall we just say ‘time’—of hilarious puns, bizarre narratives, compelling poems and descriptive essays (if I do say so myself). From artwork, dance performances and self-produced music pieces, I somewhat consider myself to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

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But wait, let me backup a moment and introduce myself first. 


Hi, I’m Kashvi. I’m fifteen years old and reading is my life. Seriously, if I could read in the shower without damaging my books or gadgets, I would. My friends have also told me that I have a tendency of extending everything I write with unnecessary information, be it texting or schoolwork (*speaking sulkily* grudgingly, I suppose they’re right), so I’ll try to keep this short.

The reason why I started this blog was to display my work from when I first started writing. But now, it’s turned into a way of sharing a piece of my, only slightly unhinged (which I like to think of as “eccentric”) mind. And if you share the same demented—ahem I mean eccentric of course—thoughts, then I think you and I would relate very well with each other. If so, contact me! And if I haven’t scared you off, happy reading! Let me know your opinions in the comments.


Phone No: 9108551710

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