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  • Kash V

The West's Biggest Misconceptions about India

I think the speech by Shashi Tharoor was about stereotypes in India. He spoke about the different countries and showed us that India is just like the other countries. India is developing in its own way, in its own time. Everyone has different opinions about everything. The same way, most people think of India as a place of poverty and corruption. They don’t see India in its true form, but they make an assumption of what kind of place it might be. They call us ‘uncivilised’ and judge us. They don’t know how much India has developed or about the good facts in India. India is so rich in its diverse states, cultures and flavours. Even if they do label us, why do we need to get affected by it? We all try to be just like them and we forget our own creativity and diversity. Just because they call us something, it doesn’t mean it's true. We have to believe in ourselves and appreciate how we live, not find faults about it all the time. There is so much history in India, so much development, so many rulers, cultures and beliefs, why should we change ourselves for what others think. After all, we want the same things (everyone in the world), so why have this rivalry within ourselves? Why create consequences for each other instead of helping each other? Why not work with each other instead of against each other to reach the same goal. We can learn from each other, teach each other, not make things harder for each other. If we fight fire with fire, the world will go up in flames. All this chaos is due to fake/unreal opinions. That’s why I feel that you should experiment or see something for yourself before arriving at conclusions. Never trust someone without proof that it's true, they might take it to their advantage. Just one opinion can change everything.


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