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  • Kash V

My Desi Plaza (A Culinary Odyssey)

I came across a restaurant with a screeching halt

Larger than an elephant, it had a gleaming font

I floated in, and saw a sight

I can't remove from my mind;

Paneer tikka, burnt and smoked,

Shouting invitingly, “eat me before I’m cold”

Potato 65, tangy like lemon and nectar 

Drenched in cheese and chopped chilli 

Garlic naan, crispy like papad

Crunchy and soft, like roasted marshmallows

Jeera rice, smaller than a grain of sand

Dancing around while cooking

Midnight black, the colour of Dal makhani

Forming an array on the tablecloth!

Fried bhindi, longer than me!

Stuffing my appetite with a single bite.

Strawberry ice-cream, frozen like stones in a refrigerator

Singing melodiously, “enjoy my lip-smacking flavour”

Gulab jamun, an egg about to burst

Like water it melts in your mouth

Ending your meal with a feeling of wholeness...


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