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  • Kash V

An Echo Of My Goodbye

You never told me you were leaving,

You never said goodbye.

Whilst I was angry at your unsaid words,

Your actions and replies.

We fell apart like petals of a flower,

Withering and crumbling into pieces of ourselves.

I was already broken and in ashes,

But your death blew them all away.

You were selfish,

I was naive.

We thought we were forever,

But all we had was a little time.

A hundred times I needed you,

A thousand times I cried.

But now screaming is just a ringing,

In the hollowed place you left behind.

I could never forget you,

Or the way you made me feel.

Your mellifluous deep voice and your gentle touch,

That sent shivers down my skin.

These silent tears are an echo,

That nothing lasts forever.

But the memories you left me with,

Are ones I will always remember and treasure.


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