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  • Kash V

Sambandh; As Good as it Gets

This movie reflects many relationships, one being friendship between two neighbours (Udall and Simon) who hated each other yet learned to bond over their differences. As part of making their friendship work, they had to make efforts from both sides and compromise, else they would have remained as they were. This proves that people can change for the better or worse, but it’s up to them to decide which.

Another being the relationship of a customer(Udall) and a waitress(Carol). Udall realized how much he depended on certain people and that what he said affected everything around him. He realized the importance of certain people in his life and the effect they had on him. On the other hand, Carol realized her value and importance, with the two of them completing each other.

A third being that of friendship between two strangers (Carol and Simon) coming together through their similarities in situations and opinions.

Something common in all the relationships was the fact that all three of them had to change their opinions about others and learn to be more open-minded despite the challenges they were facing. An important lesson I learnt is to always explore, we never know, something shining could be around us or one of us.


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