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Sambandh; A Beautiful Mind

This movie reflects a deep relationship between a husband and a wife. Nash (the husband), as his first grade teacher said, was born with ‘two helpings of the brain and a half-helping of the heart’.

The mind, which was an enormous service to humanity over time, betrayed its owner (Nash) with terrible delusions.

His wife supported and had faith in him no matter the situation and didn't lose hope. She walked alongside her husband, and although she did not go through what Nash did, she could feel the same way because of someone so close to her.

When her husband stopped his medication, causing severe problems, she decided to figure out a way without medication. There was a core of goodness in Nash that inspired his wife and others to stand by him and to keep hope in his darkest hour, in the words of his wife; "to believe that something extraordinary is possible".

One thing that truly stood out about their relationship was that the two understood each other and loved each other for the way they were. They came together and created something stronger than either of them could have been on their own.


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