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  • Kash V

A Whirlwind of Quintessence

A round-necked blouse of royal blue with sleeves extending out to the elbows. Of two linings, cotton (inner) and linen (outer), this comfortable top is made. White as milk, and curved like waves, the neck borderline shimmers as a tulle net. Below it, the velour honey gold pattern represents the divinity of this clothing. From the centre to the sleeves, the gold flows down, into the border with circles of white, completing the front side. 70% velour and 30% linen is what occupies this borderline. Repeated is this design, towards the back, but unlike the milky waves, a deep-neck tulle net surrounds the top. Adding to it, a ‘v’ shaped golden design of lace connects the sleeves together.

A mixture of cotton (40%), canvas (20%) and bamboo fabric (40%), this midnight black palazzo twists and twirls around. A piece of golden velour lines the bottom and top. Towards the bottom edge, a fence-like pattern is printed along the colour. In a similar way, the top golden part is filled with needle-thin lines. Dangling below it, in bohemian style the white thread work is stitched onto the pant. Unlike the front, the top back side consists of geometrical triangle figures, occupying the gold.

A shawl white as snow forms a cross shape on the behind of the clothing. Curving below the right shoulder, and reaching out towards the left, it free falls until the waist, like rain on a heavy day. Stitched on this cotton (40%) and georgette (60%) material, black polka dots are unaligned like the molecules of a liquid. Diamond shaped sharp edges, towards the sides of the shawl are covered in a mix of royal blue and milky-white. Spreading out in the form of thread (0.5mm), caramel gold is in bundles of 3.

This clothing is simple yet complex, like the feathers of a peacock. It consists of a traditional blouse and a western palazzo, representing two sides to a person, like the two times of a day; morning and night.


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